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Between the Armenistis and Platanitsi beaches, is the Kavourotrypes beach. It is also known as Portokali or the Orange beach.

You may consider it to be a really small beach, as there are a number of features that support this statement. However, people declare it to be a real paradise on Earth.

This small beach is actually a golden sandy beach. But in reality, there are a lot of big rocks on the shore, that make it somewhat unappealing. Talking about the water here, the sea is crystal-clear, and is emerald in color. The good part is that the water here is shallow, which makes it feasible for small kids and children too.


One can simply travel by road to reach the destination. A personal vehicle or a taxi hire is a good option.


People can get free sunbeds as long as they order something to eat and drink. But brining your own food can be a headache here. When reaching the beach, you can easily park your vehicles, as there is plenty of space for that. Tourists can enjoy swimming here. Kavourotrypes beach is partly organized, and is not easily accessible. Visitors can enjoy a great view of Mt. Athos from here.

Dining places are enough, and one can get a room in the hotel easily. However, there are not many choices, and one cannot expect too many services at this beach.


People must make sure that they reach the destination early, because it easily gets crowded. You can help with that, but if you’re not a fan of crowd, then you must avoid trip to this beach. Due to small space and most part occupied by the huge rocks, there is very low space for humans to enjoy. This makes the beach dirty most of the times due to littering.

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